Our team

FullDent fulinova

MDDr. Tereza Fulínová

Chief stomatologist

  • Graduation: 2010 – Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Hradec Králové, Stomatology

  • Professional experience: Mediestetik, Erpet Medical Center, Krejcárek Dental Center

  • Completed training in 2019:

    • Endodontics and preparation, MDDr. P. Pauliška, MD P. Kořínek

    • Soft tissue management, Dr. M. Zeltner, Dr. S. Huber, MD and MUDr. R. Foltan, PhD.

    • Practical Gnathology, MUDr. R. Mounajjed, D.D.S., PhD.

    • Adhesive propaedeutics, MUDr. L. Gregor

    • Periodontal plastic surgery, MUDr. J. Streblov

  • Field of expertise: aesthetic and restorative dentistry, prosthetics

  • Languages: English actively, French actively, German passively

FullDent Svobodova

MDDr. Barbora Svobodová

  • Graduation: 2015 – 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Stomatology
  • Professional experience and internships: Dental Partners, Dentica Beauty, KÚČOCH, IKEM
  • Completed training:
    • A new concept of processing, rinsing and filling root canals or from hot to cold,MUDr.A. El-Lababidi, Ph.D.
    • Dental Summit 2019
    • Gnathology, MUDr. R. Mounajjed ,, D.D.S., Ph.D.
    • Safe and easy root canal treatment, MDDr. P. Pauliška
  • Specialization: aesthetic and restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics

  • Languages: English actively, German passively

MUDr. et MDDr. Barbora Valachová (Šedinová)

Now on maternity leave

  • Graduation MUDr. 2010 (general medicine), MDDr. 2012 (dentistry) – Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Pilsen
  • Professional experience: 2019 – Dental practicioner certificate, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of VFN, Center for Photonic Medicine
  • Completed training:
    • Implantology 1 and 2, MUDr. J. Streblov
    • Periodontal plastic surgery, MUDr. J. Streblov

  • Specialization: dental surgery, pedostomatology

  • Languages: English actively

FullDent Stankova

Marta Staňková DiS.

  • Graduation: 2015 – VOŠZ Merhautova Brno, Dental hygienist
  • Member of the Czech Periodontological Society and the Association of Dental Hygienists of the Czech Republic
  • Professional experience and internships: Periodontology MUDr. Viktor Zavřel, CSC., Periodontology MUDr. Sylva Fikáčková, Tichý zubař s.r.o., Pštrossova medical, RožaDent, American dentist in Prague
  • Completed training:
  • Europerio 10 world’s leading congress in Periodontology (DK)
  • MasterClass on Periodontal Disease – Deepak Simkhada (UK)
  • Management of treatment of a high-risk patient with a focal infection in a dental office – MUDr. Kovalova (SK)
  • Dental hygiene as a precise treatment – Andel Dental Academy (SK)
  • Periodontology in a nutshell – MUDr. J. Streblov
  • Diabetic and dental care


  • Specialization: periodontological patients

  • Languages: English actively